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Kenadee Telford
3 min readMar 22, 2021

I chose my topic for instagram posts because one, I already had an account set up for my dog and two, because my dog is so easy to work with and makes the cutest Instagram star! My husband and I spoil her rotten, so it was easy to make several different types of posts for her. My initial ideas for her instagram posts consisted of ones with her favorite toys, play time, travels and possibly puppy playdates.

I made my instagram posts as the days went by, documenting our different adventures. I took a picture of her and captioned it on Women’s Day after receiving her new bandana in the mail. I made sure to make it look super cute and put in portrait mode to make it seem more professional. I made sure that the post was relevant to the time (International Women’s Day), people love it when you relate your content to current events!

I also made a slow motion video of Luna running with her favorite ball at the park. I made sure to put it into slow motion so you could see her ears flop. I made my husband throw the ball and have her come back so we could get the perfect shot. I then trimmed the video to make sure it got the cutest/best footage possible to post.

When it came to captioning the different posts, I made sure to make it from her point of view. When people follow dog accounts, they love it when you talk from the dog’s point of view since it is “their account”. I made it seem childish and cute, because that’s what a 8 month lab would talk like in an animated movie/book in my opinion. This makes the instagram experience a lot more interesting and spices it up a bit.

I made sure to crop any pictures that were too large or that needed to be square in order to be consistent, such as in a slideshow. I cropped two pictures of Luna holding her favorite toys so they would both be square.

Another post, the one with her cute Women’s Day bandana, had to be cropped and rotated in order to look straight. Here is the before picture and the after picture (that was posted on Instagram).

The last post was a video of Luna running with her favorite ball. In order to make it suitable for Instagram, I needed to shorten the video from the front and end. This cut off any unnecessary footage that the audience may not be interested in and only focused on the super cute parts.

I learned that there are so many different types of Instagram posts you can make, which all have different messages and points to make! I really only used the plain old portrait for all my instagrams in the past so I am looking forward to using all the different types on my personal account. In conclusion, these different types of Instagram posts can be used for different purposes and to send across different messages. The caption is important when catching the audience’s attention. You can be so creative with social media posts! The reason you post is vital as well. Everything really matters when it comes to social media, including the editing, caption, reason for posting and format.



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